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One glorious loaf

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One glorious loaf

Hokkaido Milk Toast, with Taro Paste stuffing...  Went in like this

Came out like this...

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Oooooh so shiny and golden! How did you incorporate the taro paste stuffing? Was it rolled into each of the strands?

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That's exactly right! The small loaf behind was three strands rolled up and placed side by side, instead of braided.

Taro Paste (Taro is a root vegetable that's available in many Asian stores; it can be prepared in sweet or savory dishes.)

Dice and steam taro until cooked through. Mash with potato masher. Add enough butter to hold together, and enough sugar to taste. The paste should have just enough moisture, while still on the dry side (like dry mashed potatoes).

I like mine slightly sweetened, and a little chunky. You can put it in buns, loaves, wrap prawns and deep fry...

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Thing of pure beauty!!!!!!

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have to put out an arrest warrant for PDLarry on the charge of Felony Bread Porn.  I think he also might eat the incriminating evidence..... so the bread bail should reflect this.

Very Nice Baking Indeed!!!

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Beautiful loaf of bread...Can't say I'm a fan of tarro as I have had it in China many times but it sure does look fantastic!

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Very nice!