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We 3 gmas got spicy!

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We 3 gmas got spicy!

My sisters and I decided to make jalapeno cheese bread after seeing the link below: (copy and paste)

We chatted about what we were making during the week and come baking day, we all went a different route.  One of the things about baking together is finding out how we have each individualized the bake.... 

I decided to go with my usual sourdough bread recipe and just put in the cheese and jalapenos... I used a blend of mild and sharp cheddars...  I used loaf pans, but would not next time, as the cheese really stuck to them.

Helen decided to go with the Artisan round boules. She put sesame seeds on one and parmesan cheese on the other.

Those look so beautiful and have such a great crumb.  Nice job, my sista!

Barb decided to make hamburger buns and top them with parmesan cheese...our favortie part is the crunchy cheese on the outside...  we have all decided that this is the way to go with this bread... Marvelous rolls Barb, Good Job Guru sis!


I have also thought that this would make a good "foccacia" shaped flater bread, if you spread it out and docked it... or even rolled out thinner like a naan... 

Very good taste! Lots of fun getting together and looking forward to making Irish Soda Bread for St. Pat's day... but there is a week in between ... hmmm 

See you later, and Happy Baking!



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baking choice.    Nice baking! Even though I''m not baking with you this week, I do have cheese in my bread we will bake off today.  I'm a really sucker for any pepper jack or chipotle cheese and we eat jalapenos, or any fresh pepper for that mater,  like candy around here.  I put cheese and jalapenos in corn bread all the time but have not tried it in bread.  Something new to try!  Never put cheese on the outside of bread, unless it was focaccia or pizza, but it sure does sound good.

You gals are starting to crank out some great crusts and crumbs, never no mind, piece of cake like!  

You GMA's really did a good job with this bake and the hamburger buns re right up my alley too!

Happy baking

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What a coincidence.  I just finished my lunchtime sandwich made on jalapeno cheese bread.  Delicious!  Baked mine as loaves for convenience and had no problem with sticking in my usual shiny-gray-non-stick loaf pans.  Yours are all more artistic looking than mine but I'm sure were good.  I've enjoyed reading all of your posts here for some time and it's interesting to see your different interpretations of a recipe.   I made the jalapeno cheese bread out of necessity for my mother who is on a low-potassium diet which rules out all whole grains so I was trying to make something interesting for her with plain old white flour.  Nevertheless, this bread is a keeper.  Hope you're enjoying yours as much as we are ours.