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Sourdough Pumpkin Rye Rolls -- and other holiday treats

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Sourdough Pumpkin Rye Rolls -- and other holiday treats

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Phew, it has been a busy holiday, and just turned into an even busier Janurary. Still baking a ton though, here are some stuff I have baked during the holiday but didn't get to post about before.

The formula for these rolls were based on Kaisor rolls from BBA, however, I made it into sourdough, used some rye, added pumpkin (must use pumpkin during holidays), and adjusted water accordingly. By the end, it probably is nothing like the BBA formula but still delicious.

Norm once posted a video here on TFL on how to shape Kaisor rolls, he made it look so eas, well, but I just can't get that method to work. Then I bought the Kaisor stamps to try, they worked, sorta, but not really. In the end, the following shaping method was what worked consistently for me to get that five petal look.

Pumplin Rye Rolls
Note: makes 9 medium rolls

- levain

rye starter (100%), 18g
water, 29g
rye flour, 54g

1. Mix and let fermentation at room temp (73F) for 12 hours.

- final Dough
bread flour, 357g
oil, 21g
egg, 50g
salt, 8g
pumpkin puree, 150g
water, 85g
levain, all

1. Mix everything until stage 3 of windowpane (-30sec), see this post for details.
2. Rise at room temp for 4 hours until double
3, Divide into 9 portions, round, rest, shape as following: roll out to long stripe, tie the first knot

Take the long end and do the 2nd knot

Take the long end and stick back into the middle

4. Rise at room temp for about 4 hours.
5. Brush with egg, spread chopped green onions or leeks
6. Bake at 375F for 20min. Take out of the oven and brush with melted butter.

This formula doesn't have sugar, fat ration is pertty low, however pumpkin still kept crumb moist and light. I'd say the mouthfeel is very close to Kaisor rolls -- soft yet still got some bite.


Also made some gift box cookies(recipe here), incredibly time consuming but my friends' kids totally were in love with these.


A pumpkin chocolate marble pound cake. Did I mention I heart pumpkin?


Still practicing my pie crust. Got the best crimped edge on this chocolate pecan pie (recipe here) so far.

Just like baguette and croissants, pie crust is my current obsession project. I am practicing to make it more tender, more even, prettier, yummier....

Oh, the pie itself is pretty delicious too. How can you go wrong with lots of dark chocolate, lots of toasted pecans, and quite a bit rum?!


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is so beautifully hand crafted and professionally executed.  It is beyond baking for the for those of us who wish we could.  When the Empress bakes,  the realm quakes in amazement!  I don't have a favorite but want to eat a little bit of all of them - and eat the whole chocolate, pecan some kind of hooch pie.  That is some kind of baking.

Just beautiful Ying.

Happy baking in the new year.

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Who wouldn't love those chocolate cookies!  Stunning.   I am so glad the children did appreciate all the effort that went into them.

Other items all look delicious too.  I am impressed as always with your attention to detail.

Thanks for the post!

Take Care,


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Lovely work, txfarmer.


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You have been very busy TX ...

Absolutely beautiful baking ... all of it!

All the best,

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Tx,  All your stuff looks terrific as always, but I just can't get over those box cookies.   Fantastic!  -Varda

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Beautiful baking!  Your photography is stunning as well.

Your rolls look picture perfect as well as everything else, but that Pecan favorite is anything with pecans in it!  I will have to beg my wife to make me one now....


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Thanks everyone! :)

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I had plans to make butternut squash clafoutis for Thanksgiving, but I ran out of energy and decided to use my drained, roasted butternut squash in this recipe. I didn't follow the recipe exactly - I threw in some rye and oat flakes to the main dough, shaped into a loaf instead of rolls, and added seeds to the top. I also forgot about it a couple times and screwed up the timing, so had to throw it in the refrigerator for both rises (which were extended to 8-12 hours). I'm really happy with the results, though. I love the orange color and flavor. I'll be making this again. It was a nice dough to work with.