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So, Hey, TT and JMonkey...

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So, Hey, TT and JMonkey..., what are you finally going to bake with these increasingly huge starters?  Wannabees wanna know.



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Where do I start.  I have so many ideas, but first I HAVE to try some of Sourdough-Guys recipes.  I have been drooling over his work since I came on here.  There are so many great bakers here that have posted so many great recipes I really dont know which way to go from there.  Not to mention my book library is growing and they each have oodles of great recipes in them.  I picked up one of the books SDG suggested a while back, it even came with a dvd.  But between season final of LOST on the tv, bagels proofing, french brad in the oven, and everything else.  I wont be able to watch it tonight.


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I'd given it just a little thought, so I'm not entirely sure, but I imagine that I'll make a lean whole wheat sourdough with Horace, a lean whole wheat and rye with Reeba and maybe pizza with Spelty.

Could change though.