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Pumpkin Croissant - with two kinds of fillings

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Pumpkin Croissant - with two kinds of fillings

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Holiday season is pumpkin season. Pumpkin in dishes, in pies, in cakes, in breads, and in croissants!

Pumpkin Croissant with Sourdough Starter
Note: for details and tips on making croissants, please see this post & this post.
Note: this recipe makes about 12 large danishes.

starter (100%), 35g
water, 59g
bread flour, 105g

1. mix and leave at room temp for 12 hours.

-final dough
bread flour, 422g
sugar, 68g
salt, 10g
instant yeast, 7g
butter, 21g, softened
pumpkin puree, 200g
water, 120g
levain, all
roll-in butter, 287g

1. Mix everything but the rolling butter, knead until medium gluten developement. Then follow the steps here.

Tried out two fillings. The ones at bottom were filled with dark chocolate, a safe bet that never disappoints; the top ones had a caramelized cranberry walnut filling, how very seasonal! Chocolate ones were easier to roll than the soft/mushy cranberry filling, that's why the bottom ones had more turns and appeared to be fuller/taller.

Both had pretty open crumb though. Love the golden hue.

Makes great holiday gifts


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Nothing makes me smile more than to see breads and pastries celebrating the coming Holiday Season! 

Your croissants are a work of art and so are the gorgeous photos.

Happy Holidays!


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Baking is really a great way to celebrate holidays, nothings beats home baked goodies as gifts.

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Mini Oven

The first Holiday season in your new home!  You really know your croissants!

I love the color squash imparts.  I can't wait to get my hands on some of the colored potatoes I have heard so much about.  

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I agree, love the golden color.

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I can;t wait to see your croissant posts.  They are just so beautiful it brings me to tears.  We are almost to croissant weather here in AZ.  I made some Puff Paste the other day but it was still a bit warm.  The next two days are supposed to be in the high 50's though.

Thanks for posting your recipe too!  Nice baking!

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That sounds like perfect weather for laminating!

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Our Crumb

Those sure are some purdy pastries ma'am.

An added charm to your lovely creations, Ying Shi, is now knowing that Eric had a hand in raising your mastery of photography to a level appropriate to its subject matter.  Having read your testimonial to Eric's gentle mentoring, each of your carefully executed images has a new and heartwarming layer of meaning.  Another well deserved measure of immortality for ehanner.  Thanks for sharing - the bakes, photos and stories.



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Thanks Tom!

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Isand66 never dissapoint with your croissants.  Just magnificant looking.  Wish I could taste them myself!


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Thanks Ian!

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I enjoy all your croissant presentations.  They are great art works.  Thanks for the inspiration.

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Beautiful crumb!  The golden color and open cells are picture perfect.  Wish I could have one just about now.