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Fleischmann's Bread Basket Cookbook - Nostalgia

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Fleischmann's Bread Basket Cookbook - Nostalgia

Hi all-

I found something on the Intranet, so I thought I'd share my discovery with those that might be interested. I found a copy of Fleischmann's Bread Basket Cookbook and it must have been printed in the 1950's or '60's. This is purely a nostalgia item, but I've made it available to those that might be interested. I've uploaded preview images as well as a separate *.pdf document.

Clicking the above image will open a gallery containing all pages (in image format) of the *.pdf document.To download the *.pdf, follow this link:

Interestingly, the first recipe 'Cinnamon Bread,' appears at first glance to be identical to one cited in Beard On Bread, one of my favorite bread recipes and the book that first inspired my bread baking endeavors. And there seems to still be something new for me to learn within the Fleischmann book, so it might not be purely nostalgic.  Enjoy.

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Thank you!


Have you baked recently using recipes from that book? How much yeast (ADY, IADY) do you recommend to take instead of Fleishmann's compressed yeast from 1940s?



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I realize this is an old diacussion thread, but I’ll add my 2 cents in case someone else happens to read in the future. I have another booklet published by Fleischmann’s about 1963. Regarding the substitution of their newer product, active dry yeast, for compressed yeast, the booklet states: “Substitute either one individual package, or one tablespoon from the jar of active dry yeast. Then follow the dissolving directions on the container.”

Given that a package of (regular) active dry yeast in 2017 is labeled as containing 1/4 ounce, or about 2-1/4 teaspoons of yeast, I’m not sure what to make of the “one tablespoon suggestion”. I was born in 1956. Compressed yeast was still readily available in the early 60s, and my grandmothers still used it. But the only yeast my mother bought, on the rare occasions she needed it was the quater-ounce packet. Personally, I would go with one packet to substitute for a cake, and adjust based on results. 

So grateful to studiowi33 for sharing this file! 

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It surprised me to see so many recipes that called for a pre-ferment. Copyright date was 1942, 1943. Mention was made of war time sugar rationing and appropriate substitutes.

@mariana: I think I'd simply use IDY at the normal (for me) 1% of flour weight. Call it  ≈140g flour per cup, so about 1.4g idy per cup of flour. For 5cups flour, 7g or 2tsp of idy. YMMV.