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chocolate faces

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chocolate faces

For the dough:

3 1/2 to 4 cups all-purpose flour

1 tablespoon yeast

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla

3/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup sugar

1 egg

1/4 cup milk powder

1/2 cup butter or 1/4 cup oil

1 cup water

For Filling:

chocolate chip (each face take about 6 pieces)

For Glaze:

 One egg yolk + 2 tablespoon milk + 1 teaspoon vanilla

And some melted chocolate chip to drew the eyes and mouth .

1-Make the dough by mixing all the ingredients , Turn out on to a floured surface ,Knead it to get a nice smoth and elastic (about 8 to 10 minutes). Place in a bowl ,Cover ,let rise in a warm place till double ( about 1 hour).

2-Cut the dough to 64 equal pieces , Flat each one with your hand , And fill it with 6 pieces of chocolate chip , close it and shape it to a nice round ball. Place it in a baking sheet ,Brush it with the Glazed , then take a small piece of dough to make round nose.

3-Let it rise about 30 minutes, Bake in 350 Oven for about 20 to 25 minutes.

4-Let it coll for 10 minutes ,Then drew the eyes and mouth . And serve 

Makes 63 faces.

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That really looks good and something unusual,Great job!


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they're just begging for a story to go with all those faces, I bet they were great fun to put together. I wonder what 'bread' people voices sound like, and I wonder if bread people snore!

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I have a question though. Why does this dough recipe need baking powder?

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Adding baking powder to the dough gives this recipe a wonderful flavor, texture and more fluffiness, I tried it without baking powder but it turned different, so if you want to try it with or without it's your choice, but just making those faces it's so much fun.

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Many bakeries here will have something like this, somewhere in the shop. Yours would probably be a great hit in Tokyo. Nice job you did there!

Yesterday I went to a place called 'Niki Bakery' and they had "KA-ME-RON". ['kame' is tortoise/turtle; 'meron' is melon.] It was 'melon-pan' with four legs, a tail and a cutesy head and face. A week or two ago, the other bakery near my workplace had a variation called "ME-RON-PAN-DA" which is fairly obvious...the idea is to make the customers shout, "Kawaii!" (So cute!) and then buy, buy, buy. It usually works quite well with the local consumers. (If you ever need a new career, don't forget Japan...)



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Meedo, some of those faces look like some of my kin after they been in the sauce a little.

They just need some chin whiskers, and they could be Tonka's.

I am curious as to what these are, are they a cookie, or a donut?  Or are they something in between?

Also did you use a pastry bag with a thin tip, or some other tool for making the faces?

Well done Meedo, they are great looking.

Tattooed Tonka

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Hi Tattooed Tonka

I make my own pastry bag, I use a waxed or a parchment paper to make small bag then fill it with melted chocolate, close the top then cut a thin tip in the end , and you end up with an easy way to draw those faces.

Are they a cookie or donuts?

Hommmmmmmmm, Defiantly not a cookie, maybe it between the dount and a chocolate roll.  

My sister asks me to make those faces for the open day at school, and believe me all the kids' going crazy I cant till you how much they like it, so it's a perfect recipe for a kid's birthday party.

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yes,vanilla essence.


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waaaw  it's soooo yammyy

 great job



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Adorable!  I'll have to make these with my 9YO niece when she comes to visit.


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I made a batch of these with my 11 year old granddaughter threeweeks ago - she did most of the making.  Turned out a cross between bread and cake.  Very nice.  We baked half immediatley, and froze the rest for the following week when her four year old twin cousins came.  It was very handy to just put them on a tray to defrost, and then cook.  I can't remember how long they took to defrost, but it wasn't very long.  We weren't as good at drawing the faces as the ones above, and had some very perculiar expressions !!

I found that I didn't need to cook them for as long as suggested.  It also took a lot of cutting up to get so many. They are very small bits of dough.

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vince hav

i love these little faces..

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I am hoping that this thread is still "live".  I am wondering if these keep well enough to be made a day in advance.

Thank you!


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Those do look fabulous and I am set on making them for my kids to take to school. I do have one question, though. The ingredients mention to use either butter or oil. Have you tried it with both? Have you seen any significant difference? Which would you recommend?

Thanks for the post, it just put a smile on my face, too!



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i'd love to know also, if its possible to make these without milk powder, i usually always have some around ready to make Sawane Haleeb, but not today. hope meedo will come back and revive this old thread :) btw meedo, your ten min dough from your blog is THE BEST EVER! lol, i've been making it for ages and giving the recipe to everyone and then i find it on your blog!  :D