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Sourdough Light Rye Bread Rolls - with shredded dried pork

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Sourdough Light Rye Bread Rolls - with shredded dried pork

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Using my favorite sourdough sweet dough, I recreated a bread that's often seen at Asian bakeries. The key to make bread rolls like this is the same as the key for cake rolls: baking time is super important. Bread sheet must be baked through, yet not over, otherwise the surface will crack being rolled up. Shredded dried pork can be found at Asian markets. Savory yet a bit sweet, I love to eat it with congee. Of course they are great in baked goods too.

Note: total flour is 198g, fit my 28.5X28.5CM square pan.

- levain
rye starter (100%), 4g
water, 18g
rye flour, 26g

1. Mix and let fermentation at room temp (73F) for 12 hours.

- Final Dough
bread flour, 140g
rye flour, 30g
egg, 50g
sugar, 14g
salt, 4g
heavy cream, 144g
levain, all

1. Mix everything until stage 3 of windowpane (-30sec), see this post for details.
2. Rise at room temp for 4 hours until double
3. Round, rest, roll out to fit into the square pan
4. Rise at room temp for about 4-6 hours.
5. Brush with egg, spread chopped green onions or leeks
6. Bake at 375F for 10-12min.
7. Cool, flip the sheet of bread (so that the golden top is now at the bottom), spread mayo, then spread shredded dried pork. Roll up tightly, wrap with plastic, and put aside for 30min to keep shape.
8. Cut into sections, spread more mayo at both ends, and press shredded dried pork into mayo so they stick.

I kneaded more dough to make some buns as well. After the buns were baked and cooled, I spreaded mayo on top and pressed shredded dired pork into mayo.

This dough using rye starter and heavy cream was so much more flavorful and fragrant than the store bought version.


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Yum. I've been using a lot of home-cured bacon in loaves. Is there anything that pork doesn't make better? :)


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Cholestrol levels?