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Perfecting My Pretzel, Critique Please!

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Perfecting My Pretzel, Critique Please!

My recipe has turned into a mass combination of dozens of others, which I've experimented with over the years. Truthfully, I think they are delicious. But there may be room for improvement. I have never been able to figure out ratios and I think I may be using too much or too little of some ingredients...while adding others that provide little 'function' at all. Feedback?

4.5 c. bread flour

1.75 tsp salt

1.5 T brown sugar (should I use malt powder instead?)

2 tsp. instant yeast (recently started using 1 pkg. of active dry)

1.5 c. warm water

3 T. melted butter (started adding when I wanted to make rolls, was told this would make them softer for sandwiches)

6 c. water: 1 c. baking soda for boil (yes, I know lye is best, but I just don't feel comfortable working with it)

Knead for 2 for 5 minutes...Knead for 4 minutes...Cover and rest for an hour.

Roll into for 10...shape into for 10....

Boil on each side for 30 seconds (some people boil for 2 min?! others just "dunk" them? Thoughts?)

Brush with egg

400 degrees for 8 minutes...rotate...another 8 minutes. can I improve this...or do I need to?

Also, I've seen some people FREEZING their shaped pretzels....then boiling (still frozen) when ready to bake. Anyone else use this technique?