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Coffee Croissant - match made in heaven

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Coffee Croissant - match made in heaven

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Everyone knows coffee and croissants go well together, in fact, they are even better if coffee is made INTO croissants. This formula is very similar to the matcha one I made earlier, filling is chocolate instead of red bean paste, and espresso powder instead of matcha powder.

Coffee Croissant with Sourdough Starter(Adapted from ABAP)
Note: for details and tips on making croissants, please see this post & this post.
Note: this recipe makes about 12 large danishes.

starter (100%), 35g
water, 59g
bread flour, 105g

1. mix and leave at room temp for 12 hours.

-final dough
bread flour, 422g
water, 148g
milk, 128g
sugar, 68g
salt, 10g
instant yeast, 7g
butter, 21g, softened
espresso powder, 12g
levain, all
roll-in butter, 287g

1. Mix everything but the rolling butter, knead until medium gluten developement. Then follow the steps here.

Coffee, buttery laminated dough, chocolate filling, the fragrance alone is unbelievable. Makes anyone a morning person.

I have been "criticized" for cutting a croissant. "They" say a croissant must be torn into with bare hands, so, here we go. Tearing or cutting, a well made honeycomb crumb and a shattering crispy shell are revealed euqually well.

The most important thing is that: it's insanely delicious.


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I keep trying to think of something else to say but WOW only comes out! Excellent baking!

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Amazing ... what a combination! They sound devine ...


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Thanks Phil! Croissants for breakfast, and your rye bread for lunch, THAT would be a great combo!

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Ok, this goes on the bakelist for the weekend.  I just got a good deal on some Anchor butter, and have been dying to make some croissants with them to practice my laminating.  Thanks txfarmer!

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Good luck with the bake this weekend!

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Coffee in croissants sounds like a match made in heaven! And your croissants look amazing. Perfect!

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matcha ones posted on TFL and featured in Bread 3 we thought they could never be beat but my apprentice; Countess Von Sniglucyfritzen (she still thinks you and her are related) says these are closer to her heart, look as yummy and just as well crafted.  There is no arguing with her now a days - especially when she is right.

Very nice baking Empress Ying - as always.

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You apprentice is now a dear friend, even though I have never met her! :P

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What a morning Joy.  These are amazing!

Thanks for sharing all!


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Thanks Sylvia!

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Simply fantastic!  What can beat coffee and chocolate and butter??  Not much...

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I know, a killer combo indeed!

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Simply beautiful... the flaky, honey comb structure is absolutely hypnotizing!

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Sigh.. Oh well... , another GREAT bake! Txfarmer

As if the sublime scent of butter laden croissants fresh from the oven permeating the whole house, alone isn't enough!


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Thanks Mebake!

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Those look damn good, and remind me that I haven't eaten a croissant in about 10 years;  I'll certainly be giving this one a try.

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10 years? That's way too long!

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Simply gorgeous and delicious looking! Txfarmer, you're amazing.

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Thanks :)

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What a creative and delicious take on pain au chocolate!  I'm in total awe of your honeycomb crumb!  It's been ages since I've made croissants, must get them on the "to-bake" list, thanks for the inspiration.

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I've not seen those coffee croissants before and it is such a great idea!  Your execution of such a tricky dough looks perfect, the holes are amazing, well done txfarmer.  I really must try to make some of my own - one day :)

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Coffee croissants with chocolate - oh my. I am trying to stay away from learning to work with enriched doughs, but these have me rethinking my next staycation. I enjoyied reading your previous posts and links. Plus I noted my local high quality market carries five types of European or cultured butter, including Plugra.

Out of curiosity, I bought a croissant at a well regarded bakery this morning for the sake of comparison. It had five points, not 7, and the interior did not have a honeycomb. I am sure it will be delicious with home-made raspberry jam this afternoon.. It just shows what beautiful edible peices of art you create.

(Run for bread, not yet far enough for croissants!)

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Your killing me! Awesomness to the max!


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Your photos are beautiful.  The composition and your choice of  "props" plus the subject matter are lovely and so harmonious ...  I have exhausted my ability for further comment.  Besides a great baker, you are a skilled food stylist and photographer.  Huzzahs to you, txfarmer.

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TxFarmer, I hope you realize what an artist you are. I have been following your baking for years, and as soon as I saw the photo on the home page, I knew it was yours.  You are a master of your craft!

Mylissa20's picture

TxFarmer, I hope you realize what an artist you are. I have been following your baking for years, and as soon as I saw the photo on the home page, I knew it was yours.  You are a master of your craft!