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Sourdough New England Lobster Roll - trying out the new pan

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Sourdough New England Lobster Roll - trying out the new pan

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Got a new hot dog pan recently, and found the attached recipe here. Reading through the comments, many people noted that the buns were a bit too dense. Going back to the formula, I noticed that the flour amount was much more than I would expected (I measured the volume comparing to the usual sandwich tin), and the dough was not kneaded that much. As I have posted before, for soft light volumious breads, intensive kneading to achieve a thin but tough windowpane is the key. After adjusting kneading process and flour amount, the rolls turned out to be very soft and light, not dense at all.

Note: fit one new england hot dog roll pan
Note: total flour is 250g

starter (100%), 13g
water, 22g
bread flour 41g

1. Mix and let fermentation at room temp (75F) for 12 hours.

- Final Dough
bread flour, 153g
all purpose flour, 50g
butter, 20g (softened)
egg, 50g
sugar, 20g
salt, 5g
milk, 147g
levain, all

1. mix until stage 3 of windowpane (-30sec), see this post for details.
2. rise at room temp for 4-5 hours until double.
3. punch down, round, rest, roll out to the size of the pan, put into pan, rest for 20min, completely stretch out to fill all corners of the pan.

4. proof until 70-80% full, about 5 hours at 78F.

5 take an oiled cookie sheet, cover the pan with it, put something heavy on top, bake at 375F for 15min, take away the heavy thing and cookie sheet, bake uncovered until golden, about another 10-15min.

Flip over and we get the rolls

Light and soft, with even crumb, the flour used is 250g, comparing to the 400g in provided formula.

With lobster salad

Classic NE lobster roll, super yummy


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They surely do look delicious, txfarmer!


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I kept looking for the cream but alas, just milk.  That is one sandwich we could easily eat with your fine bun  - and possibly without it :-)  The bun and filling both look delicious.

 Nice baking txfarmer

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I was thinking of buying one of these pans and now you convinced me with your excellent formula and obvious results.  Those lobster rolls look as good as anything they serve out east of me in the Hamptons!

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I had my very first lobster roll this summer in Kingston Ontario of all places and it looked almost identical to yours txfarmer. It was immediately put on my top ten list of sandwiches, running a very close 2nd to the Pulled Pork with coleslaw classic, and one I've been planning to make for myself once I found the recipe for the rolls. No searching needed now, many thanks for sharing! Saved in Favourites.