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Baguépi "Le Fermiot" - what kind of bread is it?

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Baguépi "Le Fermiot" - what kind of bread is it?


When staying in France for a few weeks I used to buy a bread that I mislabeled, and whose name I thus never learned. Perhaps it was called "Troubadour", but after searching the web, I am quite sure that it is Baguépi's "Le Fermiot" ( ), since it was a Baguépi bakery. It was a rustic bread, about 30 cm long, and 10 cm in diameter, and looked somewhat twisted. The crust was thin, and te crumb was moist, very airy, and light brown. I bought a campaillou the other day from one of the local bakeries, and if my memory serves me right, was the closest I've come to the unknown bread (except for the shape).

So, anyone know whether my assumption is correct, or what else this twisted bread could be?