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Garlic in bread

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Garlic in bread

I crushed a load of garlic and ground up some rosemary for a sourdough loaf; the loaf didn't rise much, in fact it barely rose at all.  I recall that crushed garlic has Allicin, which is antibacterial and antifungal, so I'm going to go assume that it actually killed all the yeast in the bread.  As I incorporated it during the knead, it was spread around very well.

I always wondered how effective Allicin was at such things, and (for curiosity) putting the bread in the oven resulted in no rise at all.  Guess that answers that question.

Has anyone here ever made garlic sourdough?  It looks like the culprit is deactivated by heat, so I was going to try cooking the garlic first, then adding it to the knead.

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in bread all the time - no problem.  Yeast eat it right up  -  It's the vampires and werewolves that die if they eat the garlic bread.  Seriously, sometimes the vampires suck all the blood out of the werewolves before they both die from teh garlic in the bread!  Yeast and garlic - no problem.  I suppose it depends on how much garlic though.

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3 Olives

I've never had a problem with garlic-don't know why you would. It must be a coincidence.

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Odd! I added some mashed garlic is a side pot of starter and gave it a good mix when I did the feed.  Like the loaf, it seems to have no activity at all, but the main starter is lively.  I'll cook them off a bit and try another loaf this weekend.

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I've only used roasted garlic in a bread before. It turned out pretty well: Roasted Garlic Country Bread.

I suppose it is possible that the garlic killed your yeast. Try roasting some up. The flavor is amazing.

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You'll get a number of posts about a bread originally posted by Eric (ehanner) and adopted/adapted by others.


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Hi guys, thank you for the replies.

Success today, I cooked the mashed garlic briefly, and no issues with the rise this time.  I put some uncooked garlic in another tester pot from the same starter, and it failed to rise at all.  Looks like I'll have to remember for next time!

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Not all garlic is created equal and it is very possible that some raw garlic affects yeast activity while other garlic does not.