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30% Rye Sourdough cream loaf - effect of cream and egg

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30% Rye Sourdough cream loaf - effect of cream and egg

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Being slightly lactose intolerant, I usually drink soy milk and don't have fresh milk stocked. However, I do often make desserts with cream, so there's always a carton of heavy whipping cream in my fridge (BTW, I highly recommend the 40% Darigold Heavy Cream from Costco, insanely rich).

I have been trying to make a soft 30% rye breads with cream as the only liquid for a while now. Starting from previous similar recipes such as this one, I simply replaced milk with more cream and adjusted ratio to get the same dough consistency. While buns with such method have turned out great, sandwich loaves usually lack volume. Even when I knead the dough to perfection and watch the proofing process very closely, the loaves either don't rise as high as expected or collapse/tear during the final stage of proofing or baking. It seemed that the dough lacked support and structure. Remembering my previous experiences with such soft sandwich loaves, I increased the ratio of eggs in the recipe and that made a big difference. The sandwich loaf turned out to be very tall, and kept shape well throughout.

30% Rye Sourdough Cream Loaf with Arugula
Note: 15% of the flour is in levain
Note: total flour is 280g, fit my Chinese small-ish pullman pan. For 8X4 US loaf tin, I suggest to use about 300g of total flour. For KAF 13X4X4 pullman pan, I would suggest using about 480g of total flour.

- levain
rye starter (100%), 6g
water, 25g
medium rye flour, 36g

1. Mix and let fermentation at room temp (73F) for 12 hours.

- final dough
bread flour, 196g (I used half KAF bread flour)
medium rye, 42g
sugar, 20g
heavy cream, 202g
salt, 6g
egg, 70g

1. Mix everything until stage 3 of windowpane (-30sec), see this post for details.
2. Rise at room temp for 2 hours, punch down, put in fridge overnight.
3. Takeout, divide, round, rest for 1 hour. shape as instructed here for sandwich loaf.
4. rise at room temp for about 5-6 hours. For my pullman pan, it should be about 80% full; for US 8x4inch pan, it should be about one inch above the edge. The dough would have tripled by then, if it can't, your kneading is not enough or over.

5. bake at 375F for 20min, then 350 for 25min.

Tall and proud, even after cooling

Incredibly shreddy soft, cream made the loaf richer, but not overwhelmingly.


For the rest of the heavy that's about to expire, I made butter+buttermilk out of it!

Who knew it's so easy, recipe can be found here.

Then made this very summery peach cobbler scone using the homemade buttermilk/butter.

Recipe can be found here


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Your 1st rye sandwich loaf is one of my son's favorites.  Who would have thought you could improve it!  I will have to give this one a try.  I am intrigued by your figuring out how to use the cream.  I would have thought a simple substitution for the milk would have been adequate but after reading about your process, I see I am way off with my guess.  Interesting. 

The idea of scones is perfect for using up the rest of the heavy cream too and my son loves scones.  Hadn't thought of fresh are full of so many good ideas.  Thanks for sharing them here.

Tomorrow I am baking your zucchini and parmesan loaf.  This one will have to get in line :-). ( Seems like your recipes are cropping up a lot here lately - tonight I am making your bulgar and ww loaf - also a favorite :-)

Take Care,



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So glad you are liking the recipes! Hope this cream will continue to be liked by your son!

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Great looking rye sandwich loaf.  Thanks for sharing your experiment with the cream.  I have not used cream in any of my breads yet, but shall have to give it a try and keep your recipe in my mind.



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Since I always have a carton of cream needed to be used up before expiration, it's more out of necessity for me. I agree that I probably won't go out and buy cream just for this.

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Very nice; one day I'll spot a decent stainless steel bread tin*, and get to work on some of these loaf recipes you post.  While I'm normally a boule man, friends and family do often request sandwich loafs.

I can't use none-stick teflon/PTFE, due to my parrot.

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Ah, it must be difficult to have such contraints.

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of 30% rye sandwich loaf is intriguing and when made with cream.....a must make recipe.  The only time we have used cream was for teketke's White Sandwich Bread made with yeast water and egg too.  That was the best white bread we have ever made.  A Rye Sandwich Bread is now on the mini oven's bake list!

In keeping with your original recipe, instead of not putting in arugula, we will not put in Swiss Chard:-)  We also use our excess cream in AZ to make lite ice cream (instead of buttermilk, butter, and lovely scones) as the temperature hits 100 F and stays there for months on end! 

Love your bread inginuity, photos, and posts.  So inspiring. 

That is some fine baking!

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Yeah, ice cream would have been a great use for the cream -- too bad Seattle is not very summerish at all...