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Not much activity on here lately

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Not much activity on here lately

I've noticed that there are very few new postings on the site the past few weeks. Is everybody afraid of the new format? It does take some getting used to, as it is quite different. It's fall, so we need to start baking more bread and sharing!

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In my case I've been baking the same old things: rustic bread, banana bread, bagels. What extra time I've had to devote to the site has been going toward cleaning up the look and feel.

Traffic has been solid the past few weeks, so people are still visiting. Just not a lot of posting recently.

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I am new to this site so I don't know about the old format but I have found it very easy to post and edit.

I would encourage the many quests to join & post often.

Also users should always take a second to log in to show support whenever you are on sight.

Happy Fall Baking!

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Can't speak for others. I have been extremely busy lately. We lost a couple of workers at my primary job. So have had to do some extra overtime. About the only time I have free is on Sunday evenings. Most of the week is filled with work. Saturday is my rest and worship day, so no baking.