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4S Bread & Sourdough Blueberry Scone - courtesy of Wild Yeast's recipes

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4S Bread & Sourdough Blueberry Scone - courtesy of Wild Yeast's recipes

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4S stands for Semolina Spelt Sourdough with Sesame, courtesy of Wild Yeast's wonderful formula here. I stuck pretty close to the original, but eliminaed commercial yeast and increased hydration ever so slightly. The batard turned out well.

The S shape was... vague :P

I used white sesame instead of black ones, wonderfully fragrant just the same.

Even the S shape, without any scoring, had pretty open crumb.


These blueberry scones are from Wild Yeast also, see link here. A very delicious, yet easy way to use up leftover starters.



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Very nice bake as always!

Those scones look better than anything I've seen before.  I could use one right about now...


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look perfectly done and the bread is gorgeous too!  What a nice crust and crumb.   Very nice baking txfarmer.  I'm not a big scone fan since they tend to be a bit dry but I will make a an exception this time  :-)


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Andreea C

What a beautiful bread! I am definitely gonna try this in the near future. Yesterday I baked my first sourdough semolina bread, from Hamelman's book (P. 171) and I am charmed by the texture. This formula also had sesame inside and I loved the combination, but I can imagine how the spelt can add depth of flavour to such a bread.

All the best,