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Light Rye Sourdough with Ham and Cheese

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Light Rye Sourdough with Ham and Cheese

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My friend gave me a large chunk of Serrano ham as gift, combined with some good parmesan cheese, this bread is super delicious.

Light Rye Sourdough with Ham and Cheese

- levain
whole rye, 81g
water, 65g
rye starter (100%), 9g

1. Mix and let rise 12-16hours.

- final dough
bread flour, 485g
water, 316g
salt, 10g
Serrano ham, 120g, cut into small cubes and steamed until done
parmesan cheese, 150g, grated
all levain

2. Mix everything but ham, autolyse for 20 to 60min,mix @ medium speed for 3-4 min until gluten starts to develope, knead in ham.
3. Bulk rise at room temp (~75F) for about 2.5hrs. S&F at 30, 60, 90min.
4. Shape into batard, put in basketes smooth side down, put in fridge over night.
5. Next morning take the dough out to finish proofing, about 70min for me. Score.
6. Bake at 450F with steam(either put in preheated cast iron pot and cover with lid, or put dough on preheated baking stone and pour water in another cast iron pan to create steam) for the first 15min, take out the pan with water, keep baking for another 30-35min. Turn off oven and crack the door open a bit, and leave the breads inside for 10min before taking out.

Both Serrano ham and parmesan cheese have very strong flavor, this bread is a full meal all on its own.

The rest of this ham will last me through many more sandwiches, breads, salads, and pizzas.


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that is mighty fine bread!  Wonderful crust, color and scoring, nice crumb and it has to taste like the border of Italy and Spain . The one that doesn't exist on the map but does in this bread.

Very nice baking.

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Thanks! Now that you mentioned it, this bread was indeed an Italy-Spain hybrid, wasn't it.

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Yum!  Great combination of flavors and beautiful looking crust and crumb.

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Spectacular indeed!