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Are you interested in steam oven, kneader, and prover from Rofco

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Are you interested in steam oven, kneader, and prover from Rofco

Hi everyone,

I am interested in buying 3 machines from 

Steam Oven B30
Dough Kneader N20
Prover RK48

I seen this steam oven from below and really like it. 

There are plenty images here as well: 

I have talked to the company and they said there are plenty of interest from us the states. If they can find enough interest and load a whole container on a ship then the shipping cost will be significantly cheaper. Also possible group discount.

So here I am trying to see if how high the interest might be and get back to Stephanie. Her email is in case you have specific questions for her. But it will be great if you can share your conversation with all of us if any.

Thank you!



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What is the general price range of these items?

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following is the price stephenie gave me for myself:

B30        522eurosN20        488eurosRK48      287eurosShipping to be determined depends on how many people are going to buy together.
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EU voltage is 220/50hz versus 11o (or 220)/60hz in the US. Heating elements are not particularly picky, but motors are. The mixer will need a US spec motor.

Also, shipping containers come in two sizes last I knew: 20' and 40'. That is A LOT of space. For a few units, even several, they would be better off going with a freight consolidator. There's a premium attached to that, but it would be much less than shipping a mostly empty container--which no one would do anyhow. Rofco can easily get quotes for small quantities from any shipping broker.

A suggestion: you might be better off trying to find another company that already exports baking equipment (or specialty products) to the US (or imports from EU) and see if they are interested in representing Rofco in the US--and, of course, Rofco would have to agree. It would greatly simplify the shipping and importation.



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are you sure fore the B30 price ? because Stephane gave me some different price just 1 month ago


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Hi Jean,


Wanted to know if you received any interest for group shipping?