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100% rye bread (third time is a charm)

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100% rye bread (third time is a charm)

hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I tried my first 100% rye bread. I wrote about it in a previous post (click here for link). In the meantime, I received a fantastic bread pan special for rye breads from a friend from Russia, Masha (mama lunetta) and I imediately used it. I was very happy and confident, but the bread was a semidisaster. Please check my post here to see what I mean (beware, not a pretty image, my bread). I wouldn't give up so I went to Mini Oven for help. How to season the pan, how much dough do I need for this new pan, how to set the oven, etc. A lot of new factors for me, but thanx to Mini, I'm happy and proud of my first successful 100% rye bread!

And the result... voila:

I began with Andy's formula, I used some altus I had from the previous bake, I put some rye flakes and I all the four I used was rye flour type 1150. Unfortunatelly I forgot to add the honey in the scald, and I thought I'll add it next day in the final paste, but I didn't write it down and I forgot completely :(.

Good news for me, I'll receive a jar of blackstrap molasses at the end of May! I can't wait to try the real thing!


The taste is delicious. The crust is chewy, the crumb is moist, but not sticky, the rolled rye give a nice texture and contrast, the coriander is there but not dominant (I put less than in Andy's recipe, maybe next time I'll add a bit more). I miss the sweetness of honey and I sense that I'm very close to a extraordinary bread but not quite there yet. After few days the taste was better, richer and the crumb colour was darker.

Another thing that bothers me... I remember Phil saying once (click for link) he could fold a slice in half without breaking. I can't do that :( I wonder why?


I wrote the modified formula on my romanian blog Apa.Faina.Sare. (translated: Water.Flour.Salt.) (link for post here), translation is automatic and pretty bad, but if anyone is interested in more details, please ask.


Thank you Mini Oven, thank you Masha, thank you Andy, Varda, and thank you all who helped me along the way and encouraged me in my previous attempts.



ps. please stay close, I'm dreaming, negociating and planning to open a bakery here in town and I'm scared and don't really know where to begin with. All I have are my hands and my passion... will it be enough?! ♥


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Beautiful loaf Codruta, well done you!

If you want a moister crumb which you can fold, maybe you need to make the paste slightly wetter, and bake for longer at a lower temperature.   A lid on the pan may also benefit.

I'd gladly tuck in to the loaf you are showcasing here, of course!

All good wishes


ps. Passion, dreams and hands are what you need; I wish you all the best, Codruta; if you think I can help in anyway, just ask. A

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Hi Andy, glad to hear from you again. Thank you for the inspiration!

I thought that maybe I have to add more water for a moister crumb, I'll try that next time.

ps. I will ask. Thank You.

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Juergen Krauss


Very beautiful!

Getting hungry over here ...


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I'm hungry for rye over here too, this bread didn't last very long, I was surprised how quickly I finished it. Usually I'm more careful with my diet :)) but this time, I couldn't resist.

I saw your proofing box and your rye breads! Impressive!

all the best, codruta


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Your path from disastrous bread to beautiful bread was a very short one. 

Absolutely lovely,


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Jeff, path short or long, it taught me one thing: bread makes you humble. I hope I will never forget this, ever again.

best wishes, codruta


ps. and thank you for your help.

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Mini Oven

You're a natural talent and did it all by yourself!  I just tagged on a little moral support.  

Your community can look foward to some fantastic bread in the future!  

Go! Girl, Go!

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:)) yes, fast you say? it took me one week to blog about it :))

If it weren't for you... who knows what loaf I would have done? your support was a huge help for my confidence.

So you think I should go for it? :D


thank you again for everything.


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Beautiful Codruta!  I can't believe how high it has risen and how open the crumb is for a 100%rye.  As Andy says, all you need is passion (and a good head for business) and I have no doubt you will succeed.  

Wishing you all the best,


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syd, my rye starter is very active and very strong. I feed it daily too times a day. But I think it could have rise higher with a wetter dough. I'll try Andy's advise next time.


Thank you for your thoughts,


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What a wonderful rye loaf, codruta! If only long-distance tasting could be provided by TFL... Will you ship bread internationally after you've opened your bakery?

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Very beautiful loaves, Codruta. Bravo!

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Thank you, Olga.

Not bad for my third try, but I still have a lot to learn :)

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Hansjoakim, are you teasing me? :)

I won't ship internationally... but I'll invite you in Timisoara. I remember you've been here before, maybe you'd like to come again. :) But you'll have to stay a while, I have a thousand questions regarding your amazing baking skills!

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I'm definitely up for that, codruta! I'd love to go back. Now that the town's got a new artisan bakery opening, you can count me in.

Just yesterday I got back from a trip to Ukraine, and while there, I picked up some bread pans that look very similar to the one you show in your blog post. I found mine on the market at tsentralnyi rynok in Kharkiv, and I'm really looking forward to give them a go. They were my souvenirs from the trip :)

As yourself, I have also been looking for some deep pans suitable for all-rye breads. It's fine to bake the loaves in the more shallow regular cake/loaf pans, but the breads look so much more appealing when baked in pans like the one you've got from your friend in Russia.

Thanks for the great write-up on your blog outside TFL, codruta! Lots of good advice there that I'll be sure to study again before my next rye bake.

PS: From my experience as well, butter and flour is a safe way to go to avoid sticking to the pan. A method that comes highly recommended, is to combine 4 parts melted butter and 1 part flour: Stir this together to make a thick paste that you can brush onto your pan. A very simple non-stick solution.

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thank you, David!

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Codruta,  That looks fantastic.   And I'm not surprised it vanished so quickly.   It's just hard to beat the flavor.   Congratulations on sticking to it, and I'm sure many more great ryes to come.   Best of luck in starting your bakery, and hope to hear a lot more about it.  -Varda

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varda, I saw the other day your chocolate Borodinsky and I'm mesmerised! Such a rare beauty!

I Hope one day I'll make one as good as yours!

thank you, you'll hear about my plans as soon as I'll have something to tell about it.


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Wow! Fantastic Rye ... What a crumb!

So glad your dedication to this Rye bread has paid off. 

Your bakery plans sound really exciting.  I will be wishing you the very best of luck.


p.s. that rye that I could fold was only a 80% rye ... haven't had as much success with 100% ryes :)

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That is a lovely loaf of rye bread!


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100% rye!  Nothing like it.  It must be delicious.

Nice bake

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thank you, delicious indeed!


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Codruta, what a huge difference with the other bread, isn't it? This time it looks perfect. It really rose  a lot!

Don't hurry to finish your bread soon: it keeps fresh for an irritating long time, irritating because you'd want to bake some more as soon as possible:)

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:)) nico, I know exactly what you mean with the irritation of waiting too long before I can bake again. The minute I take a loaf out of the oven, I 'm eager to make another :)

Yes, a huge difference between them , but keep in mind this time I used a double amount of dough. Anyway it rose well. I'm pleased with my third try, can't wait to see how will be the next one :)


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Your bread looks very good and I really like your new pan. Could you please let me know the dimensions, length, width and depth?

I have also checked out your website numerous times. You sure make beautiful breads! I like all the pictures, too.

Thanks, Esther.

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Measurements on interior are aprox 17,5 x 6cm (bottom); 21 x 10 (top); 11cm height

volume 1800 cm3

in Russia is called L7. Maybe you can find it somewhere for sale. It's an aluminium alloy (I think)

Thank you for your kind words.


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Thank you very much for answering so quickly! What a unique size, I've marked down the dimensions. I will be looking for them.

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I found a supplier from Ukraine that has those pans...

Thank you for sharing!

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Lovely high rise, open texture, it looks wonderful!  Good luck with the bakery, sounds like you have the perserverance to make it work.

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Facinating Rye, Codruta! Very authentic looking, and professionally crafted too! You ought to open your bakery now, and take your passion to new levels.