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Tossed Flatbread

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Tossed Flatbread

Recently I was feeding Pierre (my starter :) ) and I had a bunch of starter to throw out.  Hadn't baked all week due to a busy schedule. However I went about this as an experiement:

Add some flour (didn't measure) and knead briefuly to make a dough

Let rise for like 5 hours, then retard in fridge overnight

Take out, roll out very thin and dust with flour as needed.

500F for about 3-4 minutes and rotating for another 3-4 minutes (took two sheet pans)


turned out good and I thought I'd share in case anyone was really "throwing out" starter.

makes a quick snack throughout the day

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Great way of utilizing leftover starter, mendozer! i keep a very tiny amount of starter (a tablespoon worth of 100% hydration), so i have minimal waste.