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Why do breads made with rye starters taste so much better on Day 2?

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Why do breads made with rye starters taste so much better on Day 2?

I've noticed this time and again: Any bread made with a significant amount of rye starter (or a preferment with a lot of rye) tastes much better on day 2.


 (Delusion is an acceptable response.)

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but sure seems true.  I've noticed that most SD breads taste better on day 2.  For me, most breads taste better toasted but have chalked that up to 'brown food tastes good'.

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It has to do with staling. I'm not sure why staling makes some breads taste better, but I suspect it has something to do with some carbohydrates crystallizing faster than other carbohydrates and acids and such.

It's why some recipes call for letting the bread sit for a day or two (or more).

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Aussie Pete

Hi Thomas,

I cannot explain why but I guess it is just like a good curry dinner. They are better if prepared the night before and eaten on day 2. I guess the flavours need time to gell together..............Pete.


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Italian tomato based sauces.  I don't even use them until day 2.  I consider it just like retarding bread :-)