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4/9/12 - Organic Hand Milled Rye/Spelt/Flax Seed Bread

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4/9/12 - Organic Hand Milled Rye/Spelt/Flax Seed Bread

Hey All,

Long time no post here on TFL.  I have been working a little too much these days to post, how ever I have been baking about once a week.  I have been baking very whole grain breads with rye lately, and had some grains in the freezer that I wanted to bake with…  So here's what I came up with….  

For flours, I am using Whole Foods Market 365 Organic AP and whole wheat flours, and Arrowhead Mills Organic Stoneground Rye Flour.  The OG rye and spelt berries are from Fairway Market in NYC, the OG flax seeds and wheat germ are from a little organic market.  The water is NYC tap water.  

I also have a Porkert hand crank grain mill that I got at Lehman's…  It is the same one that Gerard Rubaud uses.  Sadly Lehman's called me a while a go and said Porkert went out of business…  Also, I mix everything by hand in a large stainless steel mixing bowl, using a rubber spatula, plastic scraper, and wet hands.  Everything is pretty low tech except for using a digital scale to weigh out the ingredients...

Here is the recipe and process below:

Rye/Spelt Soaker
250g - Organic spelt berries
250g - Organic rye berries
500g - Water
1000g - Total

Flax Seed Soaker
50g - Organic flax seeds
50g - Organic golden flax seeds
250g - Water
350g - Total

10:00pm - Weigh out spelt and spelt berries.  Coarsely grind using grain mill.  Mix with water, place in covered container and refrigerate.  

Mix flax seed soaker, place in covered container.  Refrigerate.

100g - Organic whole wheat flour
50g - Organic rye flour
100g - Organic AP flour
160g - Water
Pinch - IDY
410g - Total

12:00am - Mix biga, place in lightly oiled covered container, refrigerate. (I used organic flax seed oil to oil the container)

9:30am - Take biga out of refrigerator, place on counter at room temp.

Final Dough
350g  - Organic AP flour
25g - Organic wheat germ
20-22g - Fine sea salt
1000g - Spelt/rye soaker
350g - Flax seed soaker
410g - Biga
1 - Tbsp - Malt Flour
2157g - Total

10:00pm - In a large mixing bowl, combine the spelt/rye soaker, flax seed soaker, AP flour, and wheat germ.  Mix with wooden spoon until well combined, place into lightly oiled container, cover and let rest.

10:30pm - Cut up biga into pieces, mix into final dough using wet hands until well combined, cover and let rest.

11:15pm - Knead in salt with wet hands until well combined, cover and let rest.

12:30am - Scrape dough out of container on to well floured surface, shape into boule, place into well floured linen lined banneton/basket, cover with tea towel, place into plastic bag and let proof overnight.

6:00am - Place baking stone into oven on middle rack along with steam pan filled with water and lava rocks, pre-heat oven to 500F with convection if you have it.  Be sure to  place an oven thermometer on the baking stone so you can tell how hot the stone is.

6:30am - Turn off convection.  Turn boule out onto lightly floured peel, brush off excess flour, dock dough with bamboo skewer or Japanese style chopstick, place boule into oven directly on stone and bake at 500F with steam for 15 minutes.  After, remove steam pan and turn oven down to 425F and bake for another 60 minutes.  Turn off oven and leave loaf in for another 10-15 minutes.  When finished baking, internal temp should be approx 210F and weight should be about 15% less than before baking.  Cool and rest for about 12 hrs before cutting.






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bread bbb (breadbakingbass)  My kind of bread too.  Love the rye, spelt and flax soaker combination.  Very nice crust and crumb too.

Bake on

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Very nice bread.  Sounds like it must be very tasty.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

The first thing I thought of was the old Atari video game, Pacman. Look, it's Pacman as a loaf of bread.

Thanks for posting in detail, even the times. That is one beautiful loaf of bread!

I'm on a quest to master the BBGA's format for bread formulae, and I need to tackle soakers. This will be my candidate. Now if only I can remember to buy flaxseed.

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You are welcome...

I actually prefer the way the formulae are written out in Hamelman's Bread...  I found the formulae in BBGA sort of confusing...

Soakers are really easy...  It's just adding water, covering, and letting sit out overnight, or in the fridge...

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Lovely bake, Tim.  I had wondered if you were still baking up a storm for your friends and neighbors.

While work is good, it's sure can cut into baking time! 

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I'm still here baking, just not blogging about it as much...  I picked up a few more regular customers  lately...


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Great to see you back and great to see another big, bold loaf!  It's a beauty.


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Lovely mix of grains!  Bet it was delicious.  I have a big grin left over from thinking about pac-man bread :)