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I 've been making baguettes for a couple of weeks now which have been coming out great. I make a poolish with a pinch of yeast, let it ferment for 12 hours on counter. My original recipe said after 12 hours to mix poolish with the rest of the flour, yeast and salt, this time due to time constraints I had to refrigerate  poolish overnight bread still came out great. Now I'am thinking of also omitting the additional yeast when making the final dough and just  let it rise and ferment for  longer time. Is this a good idea or am I starting to get to the point where It may not be worth it

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I have some treasured formulas that use nothing but the yeast in the pre ferment.

The only issue to consider is the protease action that will degrade the gluten (with our without additional yeast) over long periods of time.  But usually the times we are talking about here are not sufficiently long and certainly with baguettes a little gluten degradation is sometimes appreciated.  You may find the dough acts differently, but it may be great...

Good luck!