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all purpose flour

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all purpose flour

how do i overcome not having all purpose flour not available in region i am living. cake and bread flour are anyone have this experience.

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Why not blend the cake and bread flour to approximate all purpose?

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I'd be interested to know what exactly are you trying to do that can be made with all-purpose flour, but not with bread.

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Agreed.  99% of the recipes here that call for AP flour could use bread flour just as well.  


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What formula did you use to come to your 60:40 calculation?

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Hello websteramey

If you really mean "cake" flour, I would counsel that this is not suitable for inclusion in any formula for fermented products.

The finer grind in the flour means an increase in starch damage.   This will expose the amylase enzymes present in the flour and lead to over-rapid fermentation and very poor bread indeed.

I'm with suave and Floydm here.   Stick to bread flour.   If you do mix weaker flour in to try to mimic "All Purpose", make sure the flour is not designed for cakes.   It won't produce good results if it too finely ground.

Best wishes


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Mini Oven

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