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Two kinds of danish rolls -- sweet & savory

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Two kinds of danish rolls -- sweet & savory

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Still keeping on practicing my lamination skills -- butter consumption in Seattle must've increased noticably since I moved here!

First the danish roll with cranberry cream cheese filling. The dough is exactly the same as the cream cheese danish posted here. Shaping is different:
1) Sheet out to 1/8inch thick, 16inch long, spread on filling

2. roll up and cut into 1inch thickness

3)proof and bake as posted here

Nice open crumb with honeycomb holes.

The tartness from dried cranberries complements well with the richness.

Now the savory version with WW flour and pesto filling.

WW danish dough (Adapted from many different sources)
Note: for details and tips on making croissants, please seethis post
Note: this recipe makes about 930g of dough, about 12 large danishes.

starter (100%), 44g
water, 75g
bread flour, 134g

1. mix and leave at room temp for 12 hours.

-final dough
bread flour, 258g
ww flour, 103g
milk, 135g
egg, 77g
sugar, 60g
salt, 10g
instant yeast, 7g
butter, 41g, softened
levain, all
roll-in butter, 310g

1. Mix and sheet out dough as the cranberry danish roll above.
2. Spread on fillings, first pesto, then cheese and Italian sausage

3. Roll up from both ends, meeting in the middle. Wrap and put in fridge for 30min for easier cutting.

4. Cut into 1inch thickness

5. Proof and bake as the cranberry danish roll above.

Pesto, cheese, sausage, classic combo for a very good reason.

Some ww flour add another dimention to rich danish dough, and it goes well with savory fillings.


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Those rolls look really, really, really good... so nice and brown and wonderful... I think I would love both kinds... can you mail them to Texas?

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Ha, only if I had seen this before eating them all....


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They both look totally amazing!!!!

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Those look many turns of rolling in the butter did you do?

I've only tried a laminated dough once many years ago, and I think I may be ready to give it a go.  You have provided me with the inspiration.

Great job.

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See the url linked in this post, the detailed instruction on making the dough was posted there.