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Anyone else care to show their wounds and scars from the mean streets of baking. Ouch!

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Anyone else care to show their wounds and scars from the mean streets of baking. Ouch!

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....but I once put my back out rolling and folding croissant dough.  It hurt for ages!

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No Scars here either, but I once (it only takes once) pre-heated my Dutch Oven, used pot holders to take it out of the oven and remove the lid, put my dough in but forgot and grabbed the lid to put it back on with a bare hand. Didn't take long to realize that it was 500 degrees F or so.


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Yep, did that ONCE with my La Clouche!

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Lid fell out of my hand and fell on vinyl floor and burned a neat imprint on the vinyl and my hand . I fortunately overlaid the hardwood in the kitchen with the loose lay vinyl so I could replace it. WIVES KNOW BEST.  I do not do hot pots any longer.


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and already i´ve managed to get burned three times (although not very bad) always for the same damn reason... i can´t seem to make my loafs not stick to the damn pyrex pen (can´t afford to buy anything else at the moment) so when i tray to bang out the loaf sometimes the towel slips off and i put my finger on the hot glass...

it happned today actually, as if i´m not nervouse enough trying to get the loaf out and back into the oven i also get burned... today it was my thumb which i consider a double insault beeing a shiatsu therapist (i need my thumbs!)

i expect a lot worse in the future :O/



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Hi Simisu

If you're stuck (sorry!) with your Pyrex loaf pan, and it continues to stick, the best thing you can do is line it with some baking paper (the silicone stuff). A roll of this lasts for ages and it will go in and out of the oven until it falls apart.

But you may be able to get the Pyrex dish non-stick.

What you need to do is to brush the pan with vegetable oil before you line it with paper. Do this for a few times, then leave one end uncovered to check if it's sticking or not. If it's not sticking, then just cut a piece to line the bottom. That way, if it does stick, you can stick a knife down the sides and the bottom will come away.

Do not, under any circumstances, wash your loaf-tin - this applies to any loaf-tin. If you use it for cakes and have to wash it, you'll need to start the whole process over again - so, again, use some baking paper to line it!


Best wishes - and happy breadmaking!

Cheers, Paul

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You made me look.  I have white stripes shaped like that on my arms.  4 on the right, 5 on the left, from my younger years as cook in a college coffee shop/burger joint.   There are now well set off by freckles and age spots. ;-)

As to barehand-grabbing a pot lid that's been preheating in the oven ... if I had a nickel for each time I'd be in the 1%.


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I burnt stripes on my arm with my old oven, then I bought welding gloves. My worst burn was on my belly. I was baking in a crop top and bounced a heavy bread tin. Hurt for days.

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My worst burn was caused by spilling caramel cooked to 244F on my hand, it took several weeks to heal.  I was moving the batch and it was about to spill and I was trying to save it, big mistake it would have been easier to clean the mess.  I am fortunate that healed and left almost no scar.


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6 months of baking with the use of preheated cast iron, steam, stones, and bad habits including reaching into a hot oven instead of sliding the rack out have resulted in numerous burns on my person, including 4 on my arms and 3 on my right hand that will almost certainly remain forever as scars.

I have finally gotten determined that I will sustain another burn and begun the tedious but necessary habit of remembering to use things like oven-safe potholders and elbow length oven mitts.

One of the most important lessons I have learned thus far is to open the dutch oven AWAY from your body when doing so while it contains a loaf of baking bread and has been in a 500 degree oven for 30 minutes or more.

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I've hurt myself every way imagineable in our Bakery, except with a knife!

-Cut myself on the bottom of a plastic bin, and the edge of a plastic bin

-Gashed my finger (today) on the inside of our baguette moulder

-Dough Scraper

-Burn along my arm from a big oven rack (nasty blistering, worse than the OP's picture)

-Rammed my elbow into the corner sink.


Jeeze, I really am kinda clumsy, haha.

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Short story: No bad burns but have cut the tip of a finger off when distracted cutting onions.  Cold water, aloe plant in kitchen dooryard garden  helps.

Long Story: I'm not easily distracted ,really, but this was a small caliber bullet through the kitchen window.  Whilst mincing onions for bagel topping. Shattered window, no glass in me or in recipe, but did mean an ER trip. Miscreant was apprehended.  

Be careful out there!


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5 to 6 little scares all at the same place almost, on my right hand, between the thumb and the index.... it is not that I haven't gloves of all sort and sizes... but I found all of them too bulky and you lost your agility wearing them... after the last burn, one week ago, my daughter who knows a bit in skin stuff told me that burning my skin at the same spot again and again can provoke a start of skin cancer..... broooo. Since her wised words the glove is on the oven top.... and beleive it or not I managed to use it. It's all in your mind. 

A part of these I also burnt the tip of my fingers several time taking the lid off with gloves than forgetting to put the glove back to close the lids... I don't count anymore the times I have cut my fingers and hands with knives, peelers or gratter and slicers, 40 years in the kitchen..... you cannot avoid this. 


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Really is a bit gross but while serving a pastry internship in Lyon, France I was manning the hot oven for chocolate fondants, tarte tatin and apple tarts...The food service was hectic and the kitchen, besides being over 100 years old, was small,small,small and the dessert boys were cramped into the corner. Burns were evryday occurences, especially when under intense pressure to get those hot desserts out to the dining room.








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far enough when checking at the breads, for fear that too much heat escapes. And then, promptly, burning both knees on the hot rim.

And then this:


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Pouring hot water into a hot pan on the top shelf of my oven to create steam - it did create steam and burned the heck out of my face.  Excruciatingly painful. Took over a month to heal and wasn't a pretty sight. People pay big bucks to have this done to their faces to rid themselves of wrinkles....just think - I did it for free :-) and hope to NEVER repeat the experience....I now toss ice cubes on to  the floor of my oven using a loooong handled ladle.


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Stupid stuff like that usually happens to me when I want to do something "just quickly".

The same way I go paint on new jeans, and ruined my favorite shirt with sticky-like-hell caulk -  it was not a supposed to be a "real" paint job, and it was just a little crack to caulk, and I wanted to "that little thing" really fast...


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You nailed right on the head!


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I once burned my forehead when I took a tray of bread out of the (floor-standing) oven and placed it on top of the oven while I bent down to take another tray out. The first tray was overhanging the oven and as I stood up my forehead came in contact with the hot tray. 

Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to get your forehead under a running tap for a couple of minutes? It's not easy! :-)

It was only a minor burn, but for weeks afterwards I was having to explain to interested folk just how it was that I had a burn, just there!

Cheers, Paul

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tn gabe

And I thought I was bad! Burned foreheads and bellys? Hah! What an entertaining thread. If you read about the BBG's boulangerie tours in Paris, you may also be wondering what sort of burn stories the nude baker has!