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Best time to refrigerate "No Knead Dough"?

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Bread Head

Best time to refrigerate "No Knead Dough"?

After I mix everything for Jim Layhe's No Knead Bread I sometimes refrigerate it, but most of the time I leave it on the counter for 18 hours.

My question is;  

When I do put it in the refrigerator should I put it right in after I mix it or is it better to let it sit on the counter for an hour or two before refrigerating it?  Or does it not matter when you put it in the fridge?


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I have a no knead recipe that I use and I leave it for 2 hours on the counter, and do some stretch & folds in between.  Most of the time, if I start early enough I will make the bread the same day.  If no time, then I refrigerate it after 2 hours.