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Busy but not gone

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Busy but not gone

Though I haven't posted much in a while, I have been baking. I baked Hot Cross Buns for Easter.

Some sourdough loaves and Hamelman's pecan golden raisin whole wheat bread last weekend

Tonight I made calzone.

And my Honey Whole Wheat Bread.

I'm a bit off my game. The new job is taking quite a bit more of my attention than my previous job. And with spring here, the yard and garden beckon me constantly. To top it all off, my boy figured out how to ride his bike without training wheels last weekend, so every spare dry minute is spent at the high school track letting him practice riding laps. Good times, but less time for baking right now.


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you've been plenty busy in the kitchen. Isn't it amazing when all of a sudden riding a "2 wheeler" is so easy? I remember that day so vividly..hope you are enjoying your new job!

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crumb bum

Hey Floydm

I think the saying "life happens while you are planning your life"  should read "life happens while you are waiting for your bread to rise" Pretty nice bakes for someone who is allegedly "off" their game.

Da Crumb Bum

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incredible up there.

I am very jealous of your honey whole wheats. I tried that recipe last week and it really just did not work out. But yours looks so luscious! 

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in a heartbeat, with a bun chaser.

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What say we all meet at Floyd's for calzones and buns?! I'm ready.


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And that H-C Bun photo is down right gratuitous bread porn ;)


It's really a lovely photo that makes them look so yummy! I can almost taste the frosting :)

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You must be more efficient in the kitchen to get all those bakes done. Very nice.

Teaching the kids to ride 2 wheels is one of those memories that will never fade. It is such a milestone for both the child and parent. It's the first time you really have to trust them to take care of themselves as they wobble around in circles. Hope you like the new job.


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I'd been trying to teach him to ride his bike since his birthday in late February but he was quite resistant, convinced he was going to fall and get hurt. I was getting discouraged getting yelled at while trying drag him outside to teach him each weekend ("I don't like you any more, daddy") but then suddenly it clicked for him. It has been super exciting to watch him go... hard to articulate the feeling but, yeah, it clearly is a milestone in their progress toward independence.

The new job is good. Just a lot of new people, new ways of doing things, new technologies. I'd been able to be on auto-pilot at my previous job for much of the past few years; a new job takes a great deal more mind share.

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Can you please post your calzone recipe?