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Nice enrichment to a Sourdough Boule

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Nice enrichment to a Sourdough Boule

Hi All, so I made a 2000 g (flour) batch of 65% sourdough, 20% starter.....for the hell(or heck, not trying to offend) of it, I added 1 egg white to my o man...the bread came out terrific! Lighter and airier than my typical artisan sourdough, but still with a great crisp crust....thought i would share.

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My sister Helen (gmabaking2) made a great rye... using her white starter... then added 1 cup of Rye flour and some caraway seeds...etc.. to the dough... did the overnight preferment and then baked the loaves below... great job, little sister!

Looks wonderful to me... She said that it had just the taste she was looking for. Don't you love it when it turns out that way? Yes!