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Another barley malt question ?

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Another barley malt question ?

Hey Guys.

 I'm about to build a bread from Reinhart's BBA (Kaiser Rolls) in which he calls for 1 T diastatic barley malt powder or  1 1/2 T barley malt syrup. I have a brewery supply place in my local area, which I went to and all they had was "Light barley extract" (a verry thick syrup) so I bought it.

The guy in the store told me it has a "rather low level of Analyse enzyme" so I might need to add a little more than the amount of "barley malt syrup" the recipe calls for. (the guy said he was a bread baker and seemed to know what he was talking about)

I understand the Action of Anaylse enzyme on starch to draw out more sugars (thanks to Reinhart's explanation, I love this book), so, my question is, Can anyone give me a strength level of "Light barley extract" (as far as the amount I need to use) as compared to "diastatic barley malt powder" or "barley malt syrup" ? I was going to try 2 T of what I've got.

Sorry to be overly technical, (I am about as far from technical as you can get,check me out on It's just that for some reason this Enzyme stuff and starches has got me fascinated !

Any help anybody can give will realy be appreciated

Mangia Bene :)