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100% Light Wheat Sourdough Recipe?

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100% Light Wheat Sourdough Recipe?


I have been searching for a recipe to make 100% light wheat flour sourdough loaf.

I have found rough recipes for light and wholemeal flour sourdough but I would like to find a good recipe for 100% light wheat flour sourdough so that I get the right proportion of ingredients/hydration. This will be my first time make sourdough with wheat, instead of using spelt and I want to be able to follow a reliable recipe so that I can minimise problems. 

Please can someone direct me to a recipe or share one of theirs. 



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Do you mean white whole wheat (light colored)?

Do you mean low calorie? (light on calories)

Do you mean low fat? (light ingredients)

Do you mean not heavy or dense (fluffy)? (light weight)

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The flour is labelled as light wheat and describes it as being sifted. Usually it states a percentage - i.e 80 or 85% light wheat and I believe this refers to the percentage of bran removed... However the light wheat flour (demeter) which I bought does not state a percentage.