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WOW starter

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mike owens

WOW starter

i read last year about this guy that did research on the effect of words on water crystals (Dr. Emoto).  i am not ususally into these kind of metaphysical ideas but i figured 'what the heck, i'll give it a try'.  so i put the word 'gratitude' on my starter about 7 months ago and havent used it since. when i took it out of the fridge a few days ago there was no alchohol seperated and very little dicoloration on top that happens when they are left unused for long periods.  i started feeding it on tuesday (it's now thursday) and i just pulled off what i need for a batch of bread i am doing, put a little back in the jar and fed that as well. the total starter in the jar after feeding was at the bottom of the blue tape line, now look at this thing - holy cow.  i am going to do a little technique experimenting on this batch, if it turns out i may post on it - who knows, maybe i'll post even if it doesn't.  i don't know about the rest of you but i have never had a starter quintouple in size before. i think i am keeping the label.

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WoW! is right. A little gratitude goes a long way apparently.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

I wonder what would happen if you labeled it 'PIZZA'. 

Perhaps I'll try it.

If it makes pepperoni and cheese too, you'll have convinced me.

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Be careful when you open the fridge. It could be hungry and waiting for you.... Carry a weapon!