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Sourdough and Rye bread

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Sourdough and Rye bread

Hi Gang,

A few days ago  I posted pictures of my first sourdoug loaf. It turned out beautifully.

I'm very excited, this next loaf is my first real NON yeast-added bread rise. I got the recipe from king where i received my starter from as a gift. I have never made bread without an addition of fresh yeast. This bread bowl was risen with only my starter. We had friends over and made reuben sandwiches with home made rye bread with a recipe also from king arthur called "sandwich rye", which i believe is one of the best recipes out there. 

I have been having trouble posting my photos here on the fresh loaf and I am working on it thanks to your suggestions. I've tried a few options and am now trying to adjust my camera settings. But I'm so excited with my bread results that I would love to share with all of you. If you would be interested to see my results, my wife has a food blog  and she has posted our reubens which we used the rye bread for and a spinach and cheese bread bowl which we used the sourdough bread for.  just click the link below.