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Yeast percent for Anis Bouabsa's baguette

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Yeast percent for Anis Bouabsa's baguette

I bake this baguettes for my friends in large quantities - 30 +. I wanted to clarify the ammount of IDY ( yeast) for the recepie.

2g per kilogram of flour is 0.2 % assuming this is for IDY I don't think is too much, but what I know. I started with 0.08 % - not enough

I raised to 0.12% - not enough. Now when I add 0.17% is fine. I will try next time 0.15%.

My procedure : Mix flour yeast and water -> hydration rest 30 min -> add salt with some water -> S&F 3 times and in the fridge.

Cut into pieces of 475 gram -> bake at 250 C -> weight loss 15 - 17%.

Here are my questions:

What ammount of IDY in % you think is right ?

How long hydration rest for this recepie is better ?

What percentage of weight loss is enough for this baguette ?

Thank you for your time. Axel

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Here is a link to the thread that started the interest about Anis Bouabsa and his wonderful baguette. If you scroll down and look for posts by dmsnyder concerning the formula and janedo's reply. I think most of us who have made this bread use a volume measurement because we don't have a reliable way to measure 1/4 tsp of IDY by weight. Bouabsa allows the dough an hour of bench time before retarding for 21 hours. Jane makes the point that the dough will not expand much at all during proofing but explodes in the oven. I've had great success with this formula. Jane said that she thought any baguette formula would work, just reduce the yeast and cold ferment in bulk. I think it is important to consider the temperature of the refrigerator and adjust the retarding time as necessary. Using 5C and 21 hours as a base, adjust for your conditions.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you for your reply. I have read all posts that came up with search. I followed the procedure described by Jane and others.

Not many mention time allowed before adding salt. Last time I gave 30 min before adding salt -> knead, then 1 hour before the fridge. It gave me more open crumb. I tried 15 min before salt and I tried salt and yeast at the same time. 

Regarding the IDY. I don't measure in volumes I prefer %, as I modify dough ammount per requests. If you were making quantities , how much would you put ?

I will continue to experement, though.

Thank you for your time. Axel