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Paean to Charnushka (AKA Nigella Sativa, Onion seed, Kaloji)

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Paean to Charnushka (AKA Nigella Sativa, Onion seed, Kaloji)

I had never head of Charnushka or Nigella seeds until ITJB so, being the curious type, I ordered some ... and now I'm hooked!

What a wonderful surprise.  These little seeds that look like undersized black sesame taste of black pepper, thyme, onion and I don't know what else.  They are wonderful on top of rolls.  I got some cheaply from but I'm sure other places like Penzey's have them.

Glue them on with egg wash and it's a great way to perk up a plain chewy roll. 


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thomaschacon (not verified) would be Charnuska seed.

I love them much. Rye bread and crackers are a good spot for them too. Potent little embryos! I've learned to reduce the Charnuska seed by 20x and the caraway seed by 1000x if I want to taste the rye in rye bread.

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I never tried anything with Nigella seeds before - I thought Nigella was just a beautiful blue flower in my garden.

Merry Christmas


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they are widely used in Indian cuisine, naan bread often comes with a few of these seeds baked into the dough. I never knew the name. Mind Indian cooking is generally very liberal with spices but these seeds are used sparingly (I think).

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black sesame seeds?


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Definitely different tastes.

You can add black caraway to the names that the nigella seeds are sold as. That is how mine are labeled.

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I have both black sesame and nigella and they are definitely different.  The nigella are smaller in size but much BIGGER in taste.  They have a spiciness to them  -- really like black pepper and thyme.