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Baguettes using two yeasts

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Baguettes using two yeasts

Inspired by Peter Reinhart, Nancy Silverton,, Cirill Hitz northwestsourdough and many more. To be successful with this recipe you must be able to french knead(throw and slap);the method can be seen on youtube.

Early wednesday make a poolish ingredients 480g white bread flour (warmed) microwave low for 15 seconds 480g Springwater (warmed) " one tablespoon sourdough starter Place all ingredients in plastic bowl mix well cover with clingfilm and place in warm area (airing cupboard) until the mixture is well fermented (very frothy)could take many hours. Transfer frothy mix into a stainless steel bowl and place in fridge to retard dough, leave until late Thursday evening. Remove from fridge and put mix into a large plastic bowl, leave safe until friday morning. Early Friday make your baguettesIngredients 665g white bread flour(warmed) microwave low for 15 seconds 320g springwater (warmed) " 7g malt extract optional 22g salt Add water/malt and instant yeast to poolish then add flour (warmed)salt comes later mix and leave for twenty minutes. Pour out on to a large worksurface. I work on my dining room table which I cover with formica and put plenty of protection on the floor to protect the carpet, my poor wife she despairs I digress, now for the french kneading you will need a plastic dough scraper to assist, but later on you will just use your fingers lWork the mix for approx 15 minutes or until you feel the dough coming together and you see the gluten developing. Rest for twenty minutes. And rest yourself. then add salt and continue to knead for another fifteen to twenty minutes.After you have rested lol Put dough into two well greased plastic bowls (warmed)each containing 850g enoughfor two baguettes 250g and one 350g and place in warm area for two hours.airing cupboard is ideal Tip dough onto table and divide into three portions shape and proof for one hour in greased and floured baguette tins in a warm area,( good tip sprinkle rice flour over tops this will help you when you slash the bread) I use the spare room bed (duvet and hotwater bottles)slash then cook small baguettes 26 minutes (first 5 min at 250 remainder 190). The larger ones thirty to 35 minutes.  extra notes Because it is a 70% hydration dough it is difficult to knead but it can be done. The crumb has small pockets but boy is it tasty.  Use baguette pans , these give excellent results.  place a roasting pan filled with lava rocks into the bottom of the oven and lay wet flannels on to give steam. thats about it, good baking look forward to your comments