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Experimenting with pineapple juice instead of water

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Experimenting with pineapple juice instead of water

My "typical" bread recipe consists of combining:

          1 cup starter (Gold Medal Whole Wheat, approx. 115~125% hydration, and approx. 7~8 weeks old)

          1 cup of water

          2 rounded tbsp. of Turbinado (blonde) sugar

          1 tsp. salt

Then adding combination of:

          3 1/2 cups of Gold Medal Whole Wheat flour

          3 level tbsp. of Bob's Red Mill "Vital Wheat Gluten Flour"


I wanted to experiment with pineapple juice (100% not from concentrate - 1 cup) in place of the water; omitted the Turbinado sugar in the recipe.

First rise was really quick - barely 3 hours total.  Then a really quick knead and roll, then into the bread pan for the second (final) rise.

Second rise - approximately 12 hours total, before baking.

No noticeable oven-spring during the bake, well, maybe just a little.

Bread came out with a fluffier (maybe softer would be a better description) texture than usual.  Had to ease up on the knife while slicing it.

Flavor of the bread...?  Not sure. To taste it one wouldn't suspect that I used pineapple juice.  Sour taste was the same as with using water.  Sweetness from the pineapple juice was very nice.

I'm quite happy with it.