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100% Whole Wheat Sourdough - Need help

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100% Whole Wheat Sourdough - Need help

Can someone help me with formulating a recipe for making a 100% whole wheat sourdough? I do not want to make a bread with white flour, and prefer not to use milk, eggs etc. I made a few loaves using a starter, flour, salt and water. Can I do the same with whole wheat?

I bought a box of vital gluten, should I use that to get better results in my wheats? 

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Sure. Here's a few resources:

Mountaindog's gorgeous Desem bread. Desem is a Flemish sourdough made with whole wheat flour, water, starter and salt, and was made famous by The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book

My own Desem. Photography not nearly as nice as the above.

The sourdough sandwich bread I make these days.The recipe is down there in the comments below the video, if this link doesn't take you directly there.

As for vital wheat gluten, I don't use any, myself, but it can help you get a higher loaf and others have liked the results it gives them.

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I use gluten flour and add it to my dough. It does give a lighter airier dough also. You get more of those holes. a more open crumb.

I use about 2 tablespoons per cup of wheat flour sometimes a little extra for good measure, but I am sure I dont need to add extra.



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Jane made an exquisite 100% whole wheat sourdough pictured here.

She gives her recipe for it in about the 4th reply down from the posted image. I've been meaning to try this of these days...along with  Bill's SD ciabatta and JMonkey's sandwich bread and Bill's miche...sigh, so many breads to try , so little time...

JMonkey - I am ashamed to say, despite my intial enthusiasm,  I neglected my desem starter in the basement when I got real busy and it is no more! I do have a couple of loaves of desem bread in the freezer, though. The starter never got mature enough, however, to really give me that heavenly buttery flavor everyone raves about with desem. Maybe I'll start one up again over the summer if I can find time.


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Ooooo - I'd forgotten Jane's loaf of whole wheat sourdough. That's a magnificent loaf.

Sorry to hear about your starter -- but I find as long as I convert my starter to dry (well, these days, it's always pretty dry) and refresh it at 65 degrees or less several times, it works. So no need to do the 10 lbs of flour burial, I think. :-)