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25% Whole Rye 62%Whole Grain Sourdough Success!

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25% Whole Rye 62%Whole Grain Sourdough Success!


Started to play around with Rye flours and by using a combination of techniques found in Robertson’s Tartine Bread and Reinhart’s  Whole Grain books I came up with the following formula.  The dough is a 78% hydrated using a firm leaven and soaker.   

 The loaf’s have very nice crust with a nice soft crumb with large and random openness.  The flavor is mildly sour, but incredible depth of flavors with a pleasing long after taste.  The recipe has just a small dose of caraway seed to give it a little “classic rye” taste but not to overwhelm the more complex flavors developed by soaking the flour overnight.  I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out as I did not acidify the soaker, I did however keep it cool at around 60F so the gluten remained pretty strong.    


Here is the formula and weights for a 2 loaf batch.  I bake enough for 8 at a time.

Leaven (78% Hydrated)    (Percent relative to Leaven)

50%        80 gm KA Bread

50%        80 gm Whole Grain Wheat (could use a rye)

78%        125 gm Water

31%        50 gm MATURE Starter


Soaker (78% Hydrated)

                24% Whole Grain Rye Flour                         170gm

                38% KA Bread Flour                                         270 gm

                38% Whole Grain Wheat (Spring)              270 gm

                78% Water Cool (70F)                                     555 gm

                2 tsp Caraway Seed (Whole)


For Final Mixing 

                2.4% SeaSalt                                                       20gm


Night Before:

                Mix Leaven and store overnight in cool 60-65F Location


                Mix Soaker till no dry components left using wet hands (7-10 minutes), let rest for 15 minutes and then mix again using stretch and fold technique till gluten starts to develop.  Store in Fridge for at least 12 hours.


Day 2:

                Cut and chop Stiff Leaven and Soaker together with SeaSalt.  Mix with wet hands and wet dough scraper till combined fully.  Rest for 30 minutes and using stretch and fold technique knead till passes window pane test.  It will pass it.  Dough is slightly stickier than the typical tartine bread but managable. 

Once gluten developed, place in clear container and bulk ferment for 3-4 hours turning the dough every 30-40 minutes.  I bulk fermented these loaves at 68F dough temp.  Dough was about 1.5 times original size before dividing.


                Gently Pull from bulk fermenting vessel onto lightly floured work surface and dived into 780gm loaves.  Carefully  pre-shape each loaf and allow to rest on floured work surface for 30-40 minutes.   After rest final shape and place in heavily floured proof baskets of bakers desire.  Proof a cool room temp (65-70F for approx 4 hours)  Loaf will again be about 1.5 to 2x size.


Slash and Place in 550F preheated oven and stone, using your favorite steam technique for the first 10 minutes.  Bake out till center is 205-210F and rack cool.  I do not turn oven down as it naturally cools and has a hard time keeping up with demand.    ENJOY!!!






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And a hint of caraway does enhance the flavor (I often use a combination of caraway, anise, and fennel and, or coriander - just a few few turns of the mill).