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Experimenting with alcohol

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Experimenting with alcohol

I'm enjoying experimenting with using various other liquids instead of some or all of the water (not honestly with much success so far!)

My MIL was with us when we were shopping, and she likes the recent alcoholic ginger beer - so I thought "why not?" and bought a bottle.  I found a recipe for ginger beer sourdough (from Yozzause) and adapted it a bit.

120g white starter (100%)
120 rye flour
250 strong white
250g alcoholic ginger beer (Yozzause said he'd use more in future, he used half and half water & GB)
8g salt
3g ground green cardomon

Wet dough when mixing - overnight in fridge - but once I got it out of the banneton (bit stuck) it was relatively easy to score (unusual for me!).  It didn't rise as much as I'd hoped - too much rye perhaps?  Baked in my new La Cloche for I think 25mins with lid, then 20mins without...

Nice flavour - but I'd increase the cardomon in future.  You could taste the ginger from the gingerbeer (quite subtle).  Dark strong crust, very nice toasted.

The challenge I think is the alcohol - would it make rising take longer?  I've had serious problems with a red wine bread - very little rise - and this wasnt as light as I'd like...  What does alcohol do to wild yeasts???



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I don't know what effect alcohol has on wild yeast so I can't answer your question...

I am just adding a thanks for an idea for tonight's loaf....It was going to have chai added, my daughter loves chai, but after reading your post I decided to add some non-alcoholic root beer instead, my son loves root beer. Wondering if it's flavor will come through or simply be lost once it has retarded overnight and then baked....

It may turn into a total disaster too....time to live dangerously :-)

I may chicken out....we shall see.

Thanks for the idea :-)


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I like the idea of different flavour liquids - and thanks for the suggestion for chai!  Will give it a go...

Let us know how the root beer worked (and good point, I'll try the non-alcoholic GB next time)


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I chickened out at the last minute and used chai....just wasn't sure how root beer flavor would go over in bread...but who knows I may still give it a try someday....make a small loaf or rolls.....


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Hi Sali,

That is a fine looking loaf

Best wishes


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I was quite pleased with the slashing and colour - definitely not a cowpat! <grin>

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Hi Sali

What a lovely loaf!  When I'm experimenting with alcohol I usually drink it not bake with it but if you used the sweet product starting with a "C" baking is probably the best thing to do with it :) .

Hope you are keeping well.

Best Wishes