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Pumpkin Monkey Bread with Cream Cheese Filling - must use up the pumpkin!

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Pumpkin Monkey Bread with Cream Cheese Filling - must use up the pumpkin!

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More pumkin recipes, like I said, that was a "big" can of pumpkin puree.

The idea of this bread came from here, I used same dough, but added a lot more pumpkin (so the dough was very wet), and kneaded thoroughly to get a windowpane, which means the final bread was fluffy and light.

Note: The following amount fits a 10inch bount pan

bread flour+AP flour, 420g (about half/half)
brown sugar, 50g
salt, 6g
instant yeast, 4g
milk, 147g
pumpkin puree, 160-260g (I used 260g, it's a very wet dough, need patience and skill to knead well)
egg, 55g
vegetable oil, 15g
ginger powder, 1/4tsp
cardamom, 1/4tsp
coating, melted butter, 90g
topping, 100g brown sugar + 100g sugar + 2tsp cinnamon + pinch of nutmeg, well mixed
filling, cream cheese 80z + 100g sugar + 1tsp cinnamon, soften then mix well

1. Mix everything together other than coating, topping, filling, autolyse, knead until pass windowpane

2. Bulk rise until double, about 1.5 hr at room temp
3. Punch down, roll out into 12X12inch square, cut into 36 parts, divide filling equally on each little square

4. wrape each square of dough around filling, roll in coating first, then roll in topping, put in an oiled bount pan.

5. Rise and room temp until double, about 60min
6. Bake at 375F for about 45min.

Hard to say whether it's bread or dessert

A crowd pleaser that's easy to make

------------------- cake cake cake --------------------

Still had pumkin left, as well as that 16 egg whites left over from that sourdough panettone, so I made pumkin financier cupcake. The original recipe is from Sherry Yard's "The Secrets of Baking", but you can find it online here. I made them into about 20 cupcakes rather than one 10inch cake, and decoreated with maple creamcheese icing (recipe here).

Fragrant with brown butter and almond meal, and full of fall flavors.

Makes a great goodbye gift for the neighbors.

-------------- STILL got pumpkin left! ----------------

Believe it or not, that can of pumpkin was neverending. So here's some pumpking risotto with shrimp.

Yeah, after that, it's finally gone, thank goodness.


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Mini Oven

It's a miracle!  And I thought you might say you had to use up the cream cheese filling!  Lol   

Neat ideas!  Your posts are always a pleasure and inspiration!   Bread or Dessert?   I'll go with an added glob of whipped cream and say.... coffee time!  And pass the cupcakes!  If there are any left.


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You are right, these would be perfect for coffee time!

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Well, Soon-2B-Xtx, as always, a posting that makes me want start checking the ingredients in my baking stocks...

Another Great one...


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Thanks Ron! I love the XTX name, sort of Xmen-ish.

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Xtx, you made my day LOL

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Baking on top of moving...and you still have time to bake AND get outstanding results!  I am in awe ;-)

The monkey bread is a great idea and I have both the pumpkin and the cream cheese in 'stock' and have wondered how I was going to use them....I knew not to worry too much knowing someone would post something to inspire me and you knocked out both items in one recipe!  Thanks sooo much and I am glad you had time to post your bakes.


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Thanks Janet, sounds like you have just the right ingredients for the monkey bread!