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Sourdough Pumpkin Cornmeal Bagel with Cranberries - baking and moving

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Sourdough Pumpkin Cornmeal Bagel with Cranberries - baking and moving

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I have been baking more, not less, even with all the craziness of a cross country move. The reason is simple: we are driving to Seattle, must use up perishable ingredients. However, time is tight, so I haven't had a chance to post all my baking, trying to catch up here.

Got a big can of pumpkin puree open, so here's a batch of sourdough bagel based one lumos's formula a while ago. I used pumpkin puree as part of liquid, and cornmeal instead of ww, some cranbrrries thrown in for flavor and texture. Very yummy.

The original formula is here, and my modification:
1)120g of cornmeal for that 120g of wholemeal flour in final dough
2)240g of pumpkin puree + 90g of water to replace the water in final dough
3)240g of cranberries mixed in at the final stage of kneading

Still used lye to boil them, hence the great color. See here and here for more details about my lye bagels. Cornmeal gives a nice texture, while pumkin lends a great golden color. Chewy and sweet and delicious.


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Mini Oven

Yum and doubble yum!   :)  Just in time for American Thanksgiving!   Have a safe trip.  

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You are right, these are pefect for Thanksgiving!

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note to myself: MUST MAKE. one day.

wanted to tell you, at least now you won't have to put iced water in your roller when making your magnificent croissants!

Have a good move, and i'm sure the food (and coffee!) of seattle will give you lots of inspiration!

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Thanks ww, it's indeed a great base bagle recipe that one can add variations on.

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Very autumnal. Lovely!  Pumpkin bagel is very popular among Japanese bakers, too, both homebakers and professional, though I've never made one myself.  Probably I should..... Thanks for the inspiration.  I'd just need to finish seeded bagels I made a few days ago (will post about it soon) before I make another batch of bagels.  Still 10 of them sitting in the freezer and with my daughter's left fo uni, I'm the only bagel-eater at the mo.....