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Light Sourdough Rye with Spinach and Feta Cheese - without burning my finger this time

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Light Sourdough Rye with Spinach and Feta Cheese - without burning my finger this time

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The first time I attempted to bake bread in a cast iron pot (here), I burned my fingers so bad that some finger prints were lost for good. Since then I have tried a few more time, like anything, it's about figuring out a good process and stick with it. I can now do "cast iron pot bakeing" quite safely.

This particular formula has two of my favorite salad ingredients: spinach and feta. To control moisture, I stired fried spinach until soft, squeezed out liquids before putting them in the dough. The slighter larger batard was baked in a covered cast iron pot, while the smaller trangle one was baked on the stone alongside, both turned out well with good ovenspring.

Light Rye With Granola

- levain
whole rye, 81g
water, 65g
rye starter (100%), 9g

1. Mix and let rise 12-16hours.

- final dough
bread flour, 485g
salt, 11g
raw spinach, 114g, stir fried in a little oil until soft, pat dry on a paper towel

feta cheese, 143g, crumbled
water, 316g
all levain

2. Mix levain, flour, and water, autolyse for 20 to 60min, add salt, mix @ medium speed for 3-4 min until gluten starts to develope. Add spinach and feta, mix @ slow speed until evenly distributed.
3. Bulk rise at room temp (~75F) for about 2.5hrs. S&F at 30, 60, 90min.
4. Divide dough into two portions: 650g and 550g, shape into batard and boule, put in basketes smooth side down, put in fridge over night.
5. Next morning take the dough out to finish proofing, about 100min for me. Score.
6. Bake at 450F with steam(either put in preheated cast iron pot and cover with lid, or put dough on preheated baking stone and pour water in another cast iron pan to create steam) for the first 20min, take away cast iron pot lid or take out the pan with water, keep baking for another 25min. Turn off oven and crack the door open a bit, and leave the breads inside for 10min before taking out.

Good volume with nice score and ear.

Crumb is surprisingly open for a 68% hydrated dough

Love those big chunks of cheese, great flavor from the combo of feta, spinach, and rye. A full meal right there.


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This looks delicious txfarmer. All my favorite flavors wrapped in bread.


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You do such a great job and so nice to look at. A question about taste.I am trying to imagine the taste. Patrick

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Hi TxFarmer,

You made beautiful bread.  Both look delicious. I'd never seen spinach in bread before, but I can imagine it must taste great. It's on my long list of 'breads to bake'. Thank you