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More on shaping open seams - help please?

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More on shaping open seams - help please?

I've been trying dmsnyder's Pugliese a few times - it really is a lovely loaf!

My challenge is that I can't get the shaping right for the seams to open.  My first one sealed the seams completely - probably too long proofing with the seams underneath in the banneton?  My second one was a bit better, but a bit like a volcano - pointed top with a bit of an explosion!  No photos of either, they didn't look "right" - but they tasted wonderful :-)

Another try this weekend - the seams opened fine (I used quite a lot of durum flour to dust before shaping the edges in, and proofed I think for about an hour)

So - the seams opened fine - but the overall shape was a real mess!  I didn't get enough of a boule i think before the final shaping - so it pancaked a bit (even stuck to the stainless steel upside down bowl!) and then splodged outwards.  The base is a real mess, I couldn't even get it off the peel properly (on parchment) so the base is folded and wrinkly...  Still a good taste, but I want to improve the shape!

Here's the crumb: (sorry for poor quality photo lighting - it's the iPhone, it's not really that yellow!)

Any suggestions from anyone please on improving shaping?

I did find this thread

which has some great discussion - I think I should probably use rye flour (+ rice?) rather than the durum, and perhaps shape in 2 stages, firstly a tight boule as normal, then flattening and folding before proofing?  If anyone has mastered this upside-down-loaf style, I'd really appreciate some advice!