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"Inside The Jewish Bakery" - Question about formula

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"Inside The Jewish Bakery" - Question about formula

I have mixed feelings about starting an "errata" thread.  On the one hand, I don't want to sound negative about this wondrous publication.  At the same time, I'm happy for Stan and Norm to know I have dived right in to the book.

Here's the question:  In the Coffee Cake Dough recipe (page 156), the last sentence of step 6 starts "Wrap each loosely in plastic".  But there's no indication of what the word "each" refers to.  I'm guessing there's a missing step: "Divide the dough into two balls" or the like.  Help!



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Upon reading the page, I think it should read wrap IT loosely because the first recipe after that, says take the chilled dough and place on a moderately floured work surface, DIVIDE it into 2, 12 oz (and all the rest) pieces and roll..........

Hope this helps at least with the next batch!