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what's it called when.........

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what's it called when.........

You chop off a chunk of your current dough that has been made from a chunk the last batch and a new biga?

Whats the chopped off chunk from the previous dough called?


Or isn't it?  Or is it a technique called .............

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I am sure there are many source but I chose wikipedia - Pre-ferment (

Old dough (pâte fermentée) may be made with yeast or sourdough cultures, and essentially consists of a piece of dough reserved from a previous batch, with more flour and water added to feed the remaining flora. Because this is a piece of old dough, it has the typical ingredient of salt to distinguish it from other pre-ferments.[7]

I believe this is what you are referring to.


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that's it!

Thanks for the links.

I've been experimenting with my pizza dough, but couldn't remember what I was experimenting with, so to speak.