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1939 Rye Sour with Sunflower Seeds

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1939 Rye Sour with Sunflower Seeds

Sending this to Yeastspotting.

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First saw this formula from Shiao-Ping's blog post, which is adapted from Mariana-aga's blog post here. I stuck to the original version pretty closely but added 20% of toasted sunflower seeds for extra flavor. I was a little wary of baking an 100% rye in free form, but as long as fermentation is managed well, I can still get decent height and volume.

Noticably sour with strong rye flavor, this is a complex and delicious loaf. Very easy to make too.

I followed the original method of bulk fermenation for 2 hours, then shape and proof for 35-50min (40 for me). While some say bulk fermentation is not necessary for rye breads, I find bulk rise +shape +proof helps to redistribute the air bubbles, leading to a more even crumb.


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the crumb is open like few other ryes I've seen so far. Great as usual, txfarmer! Did you build the sour in multiple steps?

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No, I just used my normal rye starter, refreshed twice before using. However, my rye starter has been getting a weekly workout for the past year, so it's really stable and reliable.

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Lovely work always
Very best wishes

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Thanks Andy!

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I like the seed addition txfarmer. I made this bread a few times from Mariana's blog years ago. I tried adding soaked rye berries and chops which also helped the flavor. Never thought about sunflower. I'll bet that's good.



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The seeds do add a lot of fragrance and flavor. I follow some German bakers' blogs, they often add flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, or pumpkin seeds to their rye - a very good idea indeed.

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Mini Oven

..and that's what I added to my rye yesterday! I also threw in some hemp seeds. The pumpkin seeds were chopped almost to a flour and the flax was also crushed. Oops and a good helping of roasted sesame seeds. "Can't be shy with rye!"

Beautiful loaf form! :)

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Wow! you and Shaio Ping are talent- twins! Such a nice 100% Rye, Txfamer, very very well done.

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Thanks Mebake!

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Simply beautiful rye. The aroma must have been out of this world by the end of the bake! Thank you for sharing.