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What breads are on your To Bake List

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What breads are on your To Bake List

I very much enjoyed the recent post What 5 Breads do You bake Over and Over Again.  That list has given me some recipes to look into.  This is a thread along the same lines.  I have a list of breads that I have never made but plan on in the near future.  I crossed one off my list yesterday (Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread - Bread Baker's Apprentice, page 147, Reinhart). 


Here is my List:

1. Poilane-Style Miche, Bread Baker's Apprentice, page 242, Reinhart.

2. Kolaches.

3. English Muffins, Bread Baker's Apprentice, page 157, Reinhart or Artisan Breads Every Day, page 125, Reinhart.  I'm cheating here as I've made English Muffins a number of times before but I want to try one of Peter's recipes.

4. Roman-Style White Pizza, Local Breads, page 214, Leader.

5. Genzano Potato Pizza, Local Breads, page 201, Leader.

6. Black Olive Cheeks, Local Breads, page 179, Leader.

7. Quintessential French Sourdough, Local Breads, page 124, Leader.

8. Sourdough Croissants, Local Breads, page 95, Leader.

9. Auvergne Rye Baguette with Bacon, Local Breads, page 146, Leader.

10. Portuguese Sweet Bread, Bread Baker's Apprentice, page 215, Reinhart.

11. A Long Retard Sourdough.


So, what are Your's?  I will not try and limit any of you to the number that you can list, as most would break  the rules.  :)


Happy Baking, Dwayne