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Kansas Wheat Commission Bread Class in KC, KS

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Kansas Wheat Commission Bread Class in KC, KS

The KS Wheat Commission is presenting a bread class in KC, KS on 15 Sept 2011. I found the information in the local foodie newspaper "Tastebud" September 2011 edition. According to the brief description, it's a bread making show and tell about baking bread. The class is scheduled for only two hours so it probably won't be an in depth session. The instructor is a spokesperson for the KS Wheat Commission. I don't know how much information can be packed into two hours but I plan on attending on the premise that there's always something to be learned when it comes to baking bread. If the email address isn't in the post, message me and I'll reply with correct address.

Class fees are $5.00 and due by 12 Sept 2011. Reservations can be made by calling (913)299-9300 or email:

The class is sponsored by the Wyandotee County Master Food Volunteers.