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Golspie Loaf

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Golspie Loaf

Sending this to Yeastspotting.

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Another great loaf from the book "A Handmade Loaf". 73% whole wheat, 27% rye (all in starter), and lots of oatmeal on the crust, it's a flavorful whole grain loaf.

The following is my adaption of the formula: cut the amount by half, baked in a 6inch cake tin, and increased hydration a tad. My kneading method is also different from the original.

water, 140g
rye starter (100%), 150g
instant yeast, 2g, about 1/2 tsp
ww flour, 200g
salt, 4g
oatmeal, 37g, coarsely grounded

1. mix water, starter, ww flour, autolyse for 30min, add yeast and salt, knead until gluten starts to form (about 5min at medium speed for my KA).
2. bulk rise for 70min, S&F at 25min and 50min.
3. oil the spingform round tin (I used one with removable bottom), spread half of the oatmeal on surface.
4. preshape, relax, then round the dough and put into the tin, flatten and push to the edge. score deeply (all the way to the bottom). spread the rest of oatmeal on top.
5. proof until spring back slowly and partialy, about 75% larger in volume, 45min for me (75F room temp).
6. bake at 410F for 20min, then 375F for 20min. remove from tin, cool on rack.



The crusty oatmeal shell contrasts nicely to the soft and moist crumb.


Noticably sour, but not overboard, I love the flavor combo of ww and rye.



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but now that I have, I have to say it is a pretty one.  That is a remarkably smooth crumb  for a whole-grain bread, too.  Lovely work, txfarmer.


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Thanks Paul, I was pleasantly surprised about the crumb as well.

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I made this loaf once, and was surprised by how much we loved it!  The photo in the book did not seem too appealing to me, but I am sure glad I made it


should make it again and try your variation, TxFarmer

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I didn't try this formula for the longest for the same reason, but what a nice surprise!

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Good Afternoon txfarmer,

What a wonderful result you got from DL's formula!  I have eyed that particular formula numerous times but have not attempted it due to the experiences I have had with lots of rye and barley in one loaf.....

I noticed you left out the barley and used just the ww.  Can you describe what the gluten development was like since the rye constitutes 75% of the formula?  Did the loaf hold together?  I always experience weak gluten devel. and it tends to tear apart as it ferments.  I usually get great flavor just lousy strength.....



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Hi Janet,

You might've read the formula wrong: it's 75% of WW flour, not rye, so the dough had enough strength to develope decent gluten.

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Ooops, I didn't write clearly - I left out 75% rye or barley 'leaven'  in his original formula as written in the book. (300g barley or rye leaven [75%]; 400g strong wholemeal flour [100%])

When I have made things with such a high proportion of rye leaven I have problems getting a strong dough despite that the amount of rye flour is significantly less than the ww.  It has always simply begun to tear during fermentation....

Now that you have done the loaf and shared it here I will have to give it a go and not worry about the amount of leaven being used.

Thanks again for posting :-)

Take Care,